Long ago, when the dragons were hunted near to extinction, the ancient Federation of Dragons sent them to their own world, the Dragon Realm, where they would be safe from the people who threatened them


We are Dragon Federation, a modern iteration of the Federation of Dragons. While our primary objective is still to protect the dragons, we are also developing the means to reunite them with humans as companions. We’re creating methods to interact with these beautiful creatures using both AR and VR technology, and our dream is to see you raise your own dragon.





Michael is a storyteller and adventurer with an appetite for knowledge. While his time creating software spans nearly a decade, with over four years specifically working with AR and VR, he constantly seeks to discover more about himself, the people around him, the world we all share... and even worlds beyond our own. He has an insatiable curiosity, and loves the thrill of learning, finding connections between seemingly unrelated things. He has a particularly deep passion for the mind, the way we think, and the why. He would like to think he is good at everything, but really, he just likes to think...



Samson is a storyteller, filmmaker, outdoor adventurer and family man. After spending several decades of working in Hollywood as a Director, Producer Writer and Post-Production Generalist, Samson began focusing on his own projects and working in VR. Using the skills it takes to wrangle large productions he has turned that knowledge to pioneer new ways of telling stories with immersive technology.  In his spare time he is cycling mountains with his family, playing outdoors and just enjoying life.  



Dave is a young kid trapped in an old body. In other words, he spends a great deal of time starring out the nearest window, daydreaming of how to get back to his childhood. As an adventure seeker, he loves to concept, design and create new worlds. Dave has a Bachelor's degree in Animation and a passion for Art, CG, Visual Effects and Compositing. When not sitting in front of a computer he enjoys sports, recreational sports, movies, games, reading Clive Cussler novels and going on adventures with his wife and twin teenagers.



Dave Perry is a Community Manager and Content Writer for Dragon Federation. He comes from a background of article writing and fiction writing, and is an avid adventurer always looking for the next thrill. He enjoys games, hiking, longboarding, and rock climbing. Joining the expedition team was a dream come true for him, as he could finally use all of his skills in one place.



Colin Geil is a Technical Artist and Unity Developer for Dragon Federation. With a Bachelors Degree in Animation and Game development, he creates character models, rigs, and animations to help bring the realm of dragons to our own. He loves music, sailing, movies, virtual reality, and reading. He has a passion for narratives and interactive storytelling, and is thrilled to be a member of the expedition team.



Jorey Dixon is a Dragonologist, Unity Developer and VR Enthusiast at Dragon Federation, where he creates technology/software, designs varied prototypes and in addition provides feedback and relatable information in regards to dragons. His background includes a Bachelors degree in Animation and Game Design, with various small Indie projects sprinkled about. He loves playing games with unique mechanics and anything involving dragons.