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Dragon Egg


Full price

*By invitation only. Digital reservation owners will gain exclusive access.


Digital reserve

This credit will be applied to full price when egg batch drops.

Shipping has started.

How does it work?

Digital reserve

The digital reservation is a down payment to secure your invite to our exclusive egg drop.


The $100 reservation will be credited toward the full price at purchase.

Exclusive egg drop

Each time explorers unearth a new "clutch" of eggs, those on the reserve list will receive an email invite to make their purchase.

As you explore our newsletter, you'll discover hints as to when the next drop is coming.

First come. First serve

As these valuable artifacts are limited, eggs will be sold on a first come, first serve basis to those who act fast.


Don't worry though, new clutches are being discovered all the time. So if you missed your chance, there will be many more opportunities to come.

Still got questions? Explore our FAQs.

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