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How expensive is each dragon egg?
Many people will begin their dragon journey from the very first stages of life: a recently laid dragon egg. Dragon eggs are very real physical, 8” tall and over 6 pound collectibles we ship to each owner who participates in a new egg drop. These unique collectors pieces are hand crafted in the USA individually unique to match the exact genetic and color traits of each dragon breed. That means every egg drop is different from the next. Connected by your mobile phone, your personalized dragon egg is also your key to a unique mixed-reality experience, where you will interact with your unborn dragon as it matures within its scaly shell. 

Every investment in a dragon egg not only means ownership of this rare collectible in our world, but also guarantees your entrance into the upcoming Dragon Federation universe, a fully-interactive, massively-multiplayer VR experience you’ll have to see to believe.

All this and more at a price that is less than an entry-level puppy.  I mean really... it's a dragon.  It's priceless. Now start training!
How long does a dragon egg take to hatch?
Nestled in its warm and cozy shell, your dragon egg awaits the perfect conditions to hatch. It's a delicate process, and the timing of its arrival into the world depends solely on the level of care you provide. With every passing day, you can feel the potential of a magnificent creature growing inside. But be warned, the road to hatching is not an easy one. For two to three months, you must tend to the egg with love and dedication, ensuring that the environment remains stable and secure. You'll need to monitor its temperature, keep it protected from harm, and make sure it has everything it needs to grow strong. The result will be worth it. A bond like no other awaits!
Do I need to own a VR headset to visit the dragon Realm?
Enter the Dragon Realm: A VR headset is optional, but a mobile device is a must. Your phone has been enabled to be your dragon monitor throughout the entire experience. Regardless of whether you are using a mobile device or a virtual reality headset, you can still train, raise, and hatch your dragon like never before.
Can my dragon die?
Yes, your dragon can die. However, just like in real life, the choices you make can have consequences that may result in injury or death to your dragon. At Dragon Federation, we prioritize the safety and well-being of both our customers and their dragons. We provide warning notifications to help you make informed decisions and ensure that you and your dragon are prepared for any challenges that may arise during your dragon-training journey.
What can I do with my dragon if I decide I no longer want to take care of it?
We know that taking care of a dragon can be a lot of work, and sometimes, no matter how much you care for your dragon, you might not be able to keep it. But instead of just giving up, you can put your dragon up for adoption on one of many marketplaces. At Dragon Federation, it's all about the dragons, and we want to ensure that every dragon finds a loving home. So, whether you're looking to adopt a dragon or give one up for adoption, we're here to help you find the perfect match.
Do I need to understand blockchain technology and wallets?
No, you do not need to understand blockchain technology and wallets to enjoy Dragon Federation. We've designed our platform to utilize the blockchain for dragon ownership and identification, but you can still purchase items just like you would with cash or credit card. If you happen to have a crypto wallet, you can use that too. At Dragon Federation, we want you to experience your dragon the way you want to, without any unnecessary technical hurdles or barriers.
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