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Long ago, as dragons faced the brink of extinction at the hands of ruthless humans, the venerable Federation of Dragons enacted a grand plan: they opened portals to a parallel world, the Dragon Realm, and bade the dragons flee their home to a new sanctuary, far from the reach of humanity's malice.

Protect the Dragon Realm.

We carry on the legacy of the ancient Federation of Dragons, and like our forebears, our mission remains steadfast: to safeguard the dragons. But we believe empathy is the only path forward to avoid the annihilation of our flying friends, and thus, we labor tirelessly to bridge the gap between humanity and dragons.

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Turn myth into magic.

With cutting-edge Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) Reality technologies, we deliver opportunities for people to interact and bond with these magnificent beasts. It is our fondest wish to see every person take that journey and build a connection with their own dragon companion.

We don’t just create games,
we craft experiences that inspire.

At Dragon Federation, we don’t just make games, we bring dreams to life. While others play with mythical dragons, we bring dragons into the real world through experiences that inspire and amaze.

Meet the Expedition Team

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