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What is Real?

If you've followed Dragon Federation, or if you are new to the mission you may have heard the statement "dragons are real". This phrase has created both a great deal of excitement and an equal amount of skepticism with the Dragon Federation supporters.

Is it hard to imagine ourselves holding and wielding a lightsaber, while being a Jedi and controlling the force? Did that belief change when you held the replica toy/product and you still couldn't force levitate?

Is it hard to imagine yourself being a student at Hogwarts?

Now picture yourself at the Universal studios lot, in Diagon Alley, wearing a wizard's/witch's robe. Do you feel as though this world could be real even if just for a second.

This want to be great, or something beyond what we are is the very belief behind our vision that dragons not only can be real, but are real.

Think about our ability to believe that people who have done horrible things can be rehabilitated, simply because they are our sons and daughters, reflections of ourselves and we don't want to believe that we are bad.

Belief is the power to change the world.

And our individual reality is simply this - what we believe IS real.

And now technology has helped to bridge the gap of redefining what is real.

Do all the contacts you have on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter consider you a friend?

Or better yet do you consider all your contacts your friends?

If you answered yes, than the belief we can actually maintain real friends in the hundreds and thousands has changed. Because the time and energy required to give just one friend the appropriate amount of time and attention to consider them a friend in the "real" world is immense, let alone juggling the needs and wants of one hundred friends - we would collapse under the weight of such a task.

But we still believe that we are "liked" by the hundreds. It is our desire to be popular, loved, accepted that fuels this belief.

Does the person you can't see on the other end of the phone become any less real because they can't be seen? Or is the voice on the other end of the phone real because their words and emotions can trigger very real emotions and attachments in yourself?

Or is it our suspension of disbelief, not what is tangible, that shapes our reality?

To the many Dragon Federation BELIEVERS it is not only exciting to want and support our cause, but it is the thought of having a real dragon egg, containing a baby dragon that will grow and be shared across the digital universe, that is exactly what we've been looking for.

Your pet dragon that lives in your home, in pictures in your phone, in social media posts online, that you can experience with your friends and family on multiple mediums.

We are creating the world's first pet dragon and not in the same way digital pets exist, but in the way your adopted pet family members exist.

Because who doesn't want this to be real?

That's why we are starting with this.

The Augment Reality App will be done with the new version in the month of March including the fetus growth cycle from Zygote to Hatchling, all new alert and sleep animations. The database is reading and writing, complete with naming and bonding with your baby dragon.

Because once we establish the world, and you can suspend your disbelief, then your experience with your dragon will only become more emotional, more real.

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1 Comment

Adam Beet
Adam Beet
Feb 24, 2020

I cannot wait I pre ordered mine on the early bird so all I'm waiting for is an email to pay the shipping

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