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2020 Dragon Scales, Eggs and Hatchlings

Last year at this time we had secured - what we thought - our financial partners and crowdfunding campaign managers. Boy were we wrong.

We won't rehash the Kickstarter campaign here as most of you know how that story turned out. What you didn't know, however, was that some additional "real" private equity came knocking.

We got the website and Patreon up and running and many of you came to our call, but working with investors took much of our attention away from development and asset creation.

I got to work on the biz plan, research and all the market data information that began to shape the early omni-directional approach. The focus became narrower and the investors were all in... until the holidays came around - then the new year.


We did ship eggs though - (happy tester emoji)


The bottom line is WOW! 2019 was a big learning year for us. Frankly, I'm glad it's behind us, because we are done waiting for other people. We are done waiting for the big financiers. We are done spending our time for what others want. We are digging in our heels and stoking fires (pun intended) to get baby dragons to their loving homes.

How excited would you be to know we will be displaying at some events this year? How excited would you be to know that the app will be ready for release this year? How excited would you be to know that your eggs are going through version 2.0 with better finishes, weight, and feel... and will be released this year.

We thought so and SO ARE WE!

But we have a disclaimer. I know, I know. You've waiting long enough and although we are targeting our Summer date to release and ship product, we will only do so if it's ready. What does that mean? If the experience is buggy - it's not ready. If the eggs don't meet the inspection standards - it's not ready. If you scream at us you want a baby dragon and it's not ready - it's not ready.

So what can you look forward to in the next couple of days/weeks/months? Lot's of new content.

Not just cool images, but seeing all the progress and interactions that you will be doing.

Our baby dragons here at Dragon Federation will begin to Hatch in the coming weeks. Think of it. Baby dragons running around not listening to their caretakers, creating mischief and allowing us to create a personal connection, a bond, that runs so deep it may just change what we thought we knew about ourselves.

Of course we will also be sharing these special moments with you. We are out of the conceptual phases and into the making phases and we are all very focused. We've picked up additional team members and are living on inspiration. Don't worry we all have day jobs and we killed it with an Augmented Reality Product Launch at the ISPSE this last year so we aren't starving, just focused.

But if you do want to support us you can do it at the website or on Patreon. This money is only used for development, testing, and freelance workers, because it truly takes an army to do this.

Thanks for your continued support and we will see you in the clouds.

CEO - Samson Madsen

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15 commenti

And yet STILL in pre-order status...

Mi piace

I bought an egg on the app, how long does it take for an egg to ship?

Mi piace

So from what I see there’s no new information in the last 3 years? What’s going on? I have been paying for the dragon caretaker level and when I started over 3 years ago it stated that it came with an egg if you paid for it for long enough. That changed now you have to pay $50 a month instead of $20 and be a dragon tester to get an egg. What is going on?

Mi piace

Leslie Geil
Leslie Geil
01 feb 2020

We bought a dragon federation jacket. Very nice and warm. Tee shirts are great too!

Mi piace

30 gen 2020

I was excited to get the update! Can’t wait to get my egg when it is released and to show it off to all my dragon gamer friends. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 So cool!!!!!

Mi piace
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